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Testimonials - BlueFly Adult

Adult webmasters deal with our design studio and when they are satisfied with the job or impressed by our skills they put their feelings in the words of gratitude to BlueFly Adult design studio.

We gather these words of gratitude, impression and enthusiasm and display at this page for you to see what other adult webmasters think of our design skills and customer service. And we hope that sometimes these words help you to make the right choice of an adult design service and help us to gain your favour.

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"I am extremely happy with the experience I had with Bluefly Adult. I have dealt with a lot of web developers and designers and most of them turned out to be unprofessional idiots. Bluefly Adult was exactly what I like to work with...they were very professional and I never had to worry about working with them. I'm all about staying in contact with my web developers and that's exactly what Bluefly Adult is all about. We stayed in contact throughout the process. These guys really know their stuff and I have a couple of more projects coming up in the near future and you can be sure that I will only work with these guys. They are the Best. Thank you Kreig for a great experience!!!!! I look forward to working with you guys again!!! Here's to a great launch of www.downloboys.com"
Anthony Evans,

"HAPPY NEW YEAR....i love these guys works. I researched tons of design companies and I am super glad that I picked Blueflyadult. I love my very first site MsNikitablue.com and I am looking forward to finished product of my other sites. BLUEFLYADULT Team rocks."
Ty, Camilly Entertainment,

"Over the years, I have worked with many graphic designers and programmers who have put together websites for me. I can honestly say that in all this time, I have never been so happy to work with a design company as I have with Bluefly Adult and specifically with Kreig. From the start, he was intuitive to what I wanted and came up with a really wonderful design for our AsianBoyNation.com website. Changes were made without complaint and in a timely manner and pricing was very reasonable. If you are trying to decide on a company to work with for your site, don't give it a second thought hire Bluefly to do the job and you will be happy you did!"
Laurence Nathanson, President,
Imagi-Nation Media

"Let me start by saying this I had a picture in my head as to how my webpage should look I attempted to explain it to Strider aka Krieig (who we will for name sake call strider) then he asked for 50% as per normal the next day he appeared with the exact logo that I had in mind. after viewing I said fine send it I will install it to my shame I couldnt and strider told me to stand aside and let his team install the new header I was like year right anyway strider and his team took over and with in 12 mins my project turned from shit to gold. and this is some advice from someone who has used this guy since 2005 the web is a hard place to make a $$$ you have to surround your self with people you can trust and you MUST have a web site that is pro made or you are wasting your time so in closing I am sure if you want to make it on the web start here get the best possible look for your site as layout is very important and back up and value for money you wont be sad you chose strider. http://www.findashack.com is way better and far better looking because of him Kind regards"

"Very skilled staff. I was amazed with quality of their contents. But I think the most important thing was the pricing. You really do get value for your money. Personal service and 90% ontime delivery."

"I can not say enough great thinks about Kreig and his team. We have worked closely together for nearly one year now on a major site development project that included not only the website design but the design of a Content Management System, an Affiliate Program, A Blog, and Promotional Material. We received excellent customer service every step of the way and recommend them highly!"
Gary Blumenthal,

"First, let me just say how thrilled and happy I am with my site that you designed!!! It was such a pleasant experience to work with BlueFly. I was fortunate enough to have found a company that not only offered a superb design but great customer service as well. Bluefly sure knows how to meet the clients needs with the utmost professionalism. Most significantly, I was so impressed with how all my particular design requests were met even down to a tee! I'm looking forward to working with them again for my future project needs. I highly recommend Bluefly to those who wish get your money's worth and then some! A special thanks goes out to Kreig!!! You guys are the best!

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